By Candace Boggan

Archive for June 8, 2013

Do Not Allow FEAR to Cripple You!


Are you a dreamer? Do you consider yourself to be a visionary? What is it that you’ve always thought of doing..or searched for? What is holding you back from reaching that goal? These are some important questions to ask when you feel stagnant. The only thing to fear, is FEAR itself. A pastor once said that FEAR is only “False Evidence Appearing Real,” and I never forgot that. The best way to tackle fear is with faith. Replace the unknown, with the known. Faith works!!! Goals cannot accomplish themselves so it requires a leap of faith on our part. You’ll never know what could’ve been until you try. The next time fear tries to cripple you, laugh in it’s face and let fear know that you are a water walker!!! Look yourself in the mirror and say, “Fear doesn’t live here anymore!”

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands