By Candace Boggan

Archive for June 28, 2013

Fuel For The Journey…

How do you stay refreshed in times of adversity? Refueling is imperative in order for us to sustain. The journey can appear overwhelming and will require us to steal away at times. Find that favorite tune, or family photo from the best vacation ever…and think back. Lean on past wins as you gaze into last year’s journal. Examine the awards and/or degrees upon your wall to will yourself to victory. Work out 10 extra minutes or run one more lap to build the mental toughness needed. It will also develop you physically! Additionally, you will feel better and more equipped for the win….Then relax and reward yourself so that you can continue the race. There isn’t an athlete on the planet that has endured and endured without relief. When the going gets tough….true indeed the tough get going..but the tough also need time to re-energize so they can finish successfully. Challenge yourself today. Take a few hours and visit that museum that’s been on your to-do-list, or play that round of golf that you’ve dreamed of all week. It just may be the very breath of fresh air that is needed to push you through. There’s nothing better than a BIG sigh of relief after a long, draining week!Image

El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico