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The Other Side…

It’s a beautiful day on the Atlantic. Though it’s humid out, the slight breeze from the ocean provides a cool mist. There is a vessel moving slowly with no land in sight. In a moments notice, the boat ceases to continue. The catamaran stops…and the sound of the engine gives way. It appears the passengers are now stranded. Fear begins to set in with some individuals…. as the group of boaters wonder how they will ever get to the other side. What would you do?

  • Swim across
  • Look for a lifeboat or raft
  • Radio for help
  • Panic and sink

Consider your circumstance and weigh your options quickly! Make the best possible decision to save yourself and those you love.

There are many times in life that may resemble the scenario described above. What do you do when life happens? Do you persevere and push through, or give way to fear? Make a conscience decision today to stay the course. If you prepare now, when the storms of life come, you’ll be better equipped to handle them. There is great reward in preparation. While there may be several options to get you across the water, it’s the one that you chose, that will determine the outcome. Select wisely and don’t bend. Be confident and courageous. There is hope… Be determined to “will” yourself to the other side.


Atlantic Ocean

Follow The Direction of The Current…..

John is on a small vessel in the middle of the ocean. The waves are raging and crashing against the boat. The tide appears to be pushing him west. He had plans of heading south, but now chooses to recalibrate. 

What happens when the path of life leads you in a direction opposite from what you expected? Do you stop to examine the situation? Pause and consider the circumstances and look for the chain of events that may be guiding you along a particular path. Pay close attention to the direction of the current!!! Don’t allow your desires to supersede where the path may be leading you.

Don’t be afraid to let go…and give way to it’s direction. It may be your best decision yet.


Caribbean Sea

The Relentless Pursuit….

William is an avid mountain climber. Although the sun is beaming, fatigue has set in and the rocks appear pretty slippery, he refuses to give up! What is it that causes him and all of us to keep pushing…and not throw in the towel, even when we are at our wits end? The relentless pursuit. The driving force can vary from person to person, yet the desire to accomplish a goal is the same. We are motivated by any number of things…yet we persevere until we reach the desired end. Although the journey can become weary, and at times we become faint, we refuse to let go. We push, we fight, we dig deep, we go an extra mile…and eventually, like William, we will reach the top of that mountain and taste victory. The valley experiences were only there to develop and strengthen us. They were not meant to cause harm. In fact, the exact opposite is what occurs. Our faith increases and our stamina reaches new heights. So we must continue on… in the relentless pursuit of our dreams, hanging our hats on hope, with great expectation. The promise is just a little farther. Faint not!!! In due season you shall reap what you sowed.

Don’t give in or give up today. If you turn around now, you will miss out on all that the mountain has to offer you!

2013-02-24 09.03.49

St. Lucia

Excess Baggage…

Picture a man walking towards an airport counter with two medium roller bags, a laptop case and a personal carry on. His goal is to check one roller bag, take one with him, and to stuff the laptop bag inside of his small duffel and carry that aboard as well. The time is now 4:45pm, and his flight leaves at 5:15pm. The itinerary reads “gate C23,” and he knows it’s a distance from the ticket counter.  As he approaches the agent, he’s rushing. She quickly steps up to assist him and lets the customer know that getting through security will be breeze today. On the other hand, she also lets him know that the moving sidewalks are out of order once he gets through.  Another agent then goes on to say, “I apologize, but sir you’ll have to walk quickly in order to get to your gate…actually, you may even have to run, if you still plan to catch this flight.” The passenger pauses long enough to determine that checking all bags, aside from the laptop case, is the best option at this point. Why? Because he realizes that carrying excess baggage would slow him down, possibly resulting in a missed flight. He’s angry because his lack of preparation led to a greater expense than expected.

How many can relate to this scenario in some way? How often  has excess baggage deterred you from reaching your next destination? What has carrying this baggage also cost you? In many cases something of value.  These are important questions to consider. Take inventory  and ensure you’re only carrying with you what is needed. You wouldn’t want a couple of extra bags on the journey to lead to a missed opportunity. The best way to prepare for the future is to check the unnecessary baggage at the door! A conscience decision to leave the excess of the past behind is a critical component.  New seasons bring new opportunities, so there’s no room for the weight of yesterday in tomorrow. Choosing to carry them can potentially do more harm than good. Negative energy, vile habits and cancerous relationships must remain at the exit door of last season in order to be successful. Decide today to walk through the threshold of your future baggage free! You’ll feel lighter and experience more fulfillment in the next assignment.

Airport-  Curacao, Netherlands Antilles


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

When was the last time you tried something new? How often do you take the leap of faith into the unknown? I was always told the definition of insanity is doing the same thing everyday and expecting a different result. In order to experience something “new,” it will require you to do a new thing. Stepping outside the box of normalcy isn’t always easy or comfortable…and it isn’t meant to be. It takes courage on our part. If we allow our minds to be crippled with fear, we’ll never reap the benefits of what a new opportunity could bring us.

Part of why I love exploring new places is because it challenges me to engage in new activities, cultures and environments. It forces me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and bask in fresh territory. Last year I ventured throughout the island of Puerto Rico on a solo trip. It became an escapade that I participated in each day while there. I indulged in the local culture and wanted to experience it as a native. I used public transportation one day, ate at authentic cafe’s and communicated with residents despite my broken Spanish. I wanted to immerse myself in the daily routine of the island’s residents. It was awesome…while maybe a bit risky!!! Of course I remained aware of my surroundings and trekked across the town during daylight, but I must say this was one of the most rewarding holidays for me. In order to delight in all this life has to offer, we must be willing to step outside of our comfort zone. Today is the try something new… make it a memorable one!

San Juan, Puerto Rico


The Perfect Position!

We must position ourselves for victory! What does that mean? It means making the appropriate decisions to put ourselves in the best possible place for the future. An example would be of an athlete who prepared for the role of power forward all season, but decides to play the point guard position on the night of the season’s biggest game. One might suggest that this person did not set their self or team up … for the win. Therefore, it should come as no surprise when they lose the game! Being in position means being ready. Are you grooming yourself for the desired assignment now, or are you off preparing for something else? If opportunity knocks, there is no reason that you should not be equipped to answer that door. Get in the perfect position because you never know…if today just may be the day!


Cozumel, Mexico

Turn The Tide!

There is still time to change course for the remainder of this year. We’ve just entered third quarter so we can allow the GPS of our life to recalibrate! If the first two quarters of the year were not as productive as you imaged, take action now. Write the vision down and make it plain. Put your goals on paper and pursue victory. Be strategic in your planning. Assign a timeline to complete each task and the means to execute. Hang them on your wall or bathroom mirror so that you can “see” them each day. Next, you have to do your part. Think of who can assist you or what is required to make them a reality? Consider doing something out of the ordinary, so you can step into the extraordinary. Join a new social or networking group, get an additional mentor, or obtain a new certification. Develop your skills! Hone your craft. Become a  subject matter expert (SME.) How you finish the year is determined by your actions today. Get ahead of the pack now! Take the necessary steps to “turn the tide!”


Sailing Regatta -St. Petersburg, FL