By Candace Boggan

Turn The Tide!

There is still time to change course for the remainder of this year. We’ve just entered third quarter so we can allow the GPS of our life to recalibrate! If the first two quarters of the year were not as productive as you imaged, take action now. Write the vision down and make it plain. Put your goals on paper and pursue victory. Be strategic in your planning. Assign a timeline to complete each task and the means to execute. Hang them on your wall or bathroom mirror so that you can “see” them each day. Next, you have to do your part. Think of who can assist you or what is required to make them a reality? Consider doing something out of the ordinary, so you can step into the extraordinary. Join a new social or networking group, get an additional mentor, or obtain a new certification. Develop your skills! Hone your craft. Become a  subject matter expert (SME.) How you finish the year is determined by your actions today. Get ahead of the pack now! Take the necessary steps to “turn the tide!”


Sailing Regatta -St. Petersburg, FL

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