By Candace Boggan

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

When was the last time you tried something new? How often do you take the leap of faith into the unknown? I was always told the definition of insanity is doing the same thing everyday and expecting a different result. In order to experience something “new,” it will require you to do a new thing. Stepping outside the box of normalcy isn’t always easy or comfortable…and it isn’t meant to be. It takes courage on our part. If we allow our minds to be crippled with fear, we’ll never reap the benefits of what a new opportunity could bring us.

Part of why I love exploring new places is because it challenges me to engage in new activities, cultures and environments. It forces me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and bask in fresh territory. Last year I ventured throughout the island of Puerto Rico on a solo trip. It became an escapade that I participated in each day while there. I indulged in the local culture and wanted to experience it as a native. I used public transportation one day, ate at authentic cafe’s and communicated with residents despite my broken Spanish. I wanted to immerse myself in the daily routine of the island’s residents. It was awesome…while maybe a bit risky!!! Of course I remained aware of my surroundings and trekked across the town during daylight, but I must say this was one of the most rewarding holidays for me. In order to delight in all this life has to offer, we must be willing to step outside of our comfort zone. Today is the try something new… make it a memorable one!

San Juan, Puerto Rico


5 responses

  1. Wow, Candace. That is really inspiring! It is hard to step out and do something you have never done before. I think the saying goes, “To get something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.”
    I suppose we just need to assess the risk and then go for it! What waits on the other side of our fears could be success beyond what we could imagine- we just need to be brave enough to get there.

    July 9, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    • Great comment Michele! It’s 80% mental. Once we get past the thought of the challenge, we typically find that what’s on the other side is so worth it. There is little reward without risk! Trying a new thing, though frightening initially, can in many instances have a huge payoff. We’ll never know until we take the first step.

      July 9, 2013 at 8:59 pm

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