By Candace Boggan

Excess Baggage…

Picture a man walking towards an airport counter with two medium roller bags, a laptop case and a personal carry on. His goal is to check one roller bag, take one with him, and to stuff the laptop bag inside of his small duffel and carry that aboard as well. The time is now 4:45pm, and his flight leaves at 5:15pm. The itinerary reads “gate C23,” and he knows it’s a distance from the ticket counter.  As he approaches the agent, he’s rushing. She quickly steps up to assist him and lets the customer know that getting through security will be breeze today. On the other hand, she also lets him know that the moving sidewalks are out of order once he gets through.  Another agent then goes on to say, “I apologize, but sir you’ll have to walk quickly in order to get to your gate…actually, you may even have to run, if you still plan to catch this flight.” The passenger pauses long enough to determine that checking all bags, aside from the laptop case, is the best option at this point. Why? Because he realizes that carrying excess baggage would slow him down, possibly resulting in a missed flight. He’s angry because his lack of preparation led to a greater expense than expected.

How many can relate to this scenario in some way? How often  has excess baggage deterred you from reaching your next destination? What has carrying this baggage also cost you? In many cases something of value.  These are important questions to consider. Take inventory  and ensure you’re only carrying with you what is needed. You wouldn’t want a couple of extra bags on the journey to lead to a missed opportunity. The best way to prepare for the future is to check the unnecessary baggage at the door! A conscience decision to leave the excess of the past behind is a critical component.  New seasons bring new opportunities, so there’s no room for the weight of yesterday in tomorrow. Choosing to carry them can potentially do more harm than good. Negative energy, vile habits and cancerous relationships must remain at the exit door of last season in order to be successful. Decide today to walk through the threshold of your future baggage free! You’ll feel lighter and experience more fulfillment in the next assignment.

Airport-  Curacao, Netherlands Antilles


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