By Candace Boggan

The Relentless Pursuit….

William is an avid mountain climber. Although the sun is beaming, fatigue has set in and the rocks appear pretty slippery, he refuses to give up! What is it that causes him and all of us to keep pushing…and not throw in the towel, even when we are at our wits end? The relentless pursuit. The driving force can vary from person to person, yet the desire to accomplish a goal is the same. We are motivated by any number of things…yet we persevere until we reach the desired end. Although the journey can become weary, and at times we become faint, we refuse to let go. We push, we fight, we dig deep, we go an extra mile…and eventually, like William, we will reach the top of that mountain and taste victory. The valley experiences were only there to develop and strengthen us. They were not meant to cause harm. In fact, the exact opposite is what occurs. Our faith increases and our stamina reaches new heights. So we must continue on… in the relentless pursuit of our dreams, hanging our hats on hope, with great expectation. The promise is just a little farther. Faint not!!! In due season you shall reap what you sowed.

Don’t give in or give up today. If you turn around now, you will miss out on all that the mountain has to offer you!

2013-02-24 09.03.49

St. Lucia

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