By Candace Boggan

The Other Side…

It’s a beautiful day on the Atlantic. Though it’s humid out, the slight breeze from the ocean provides a cool mist. There is a vessel moving slowly with no land in sight. In a moments notice, the boat ceases to continue. The catamaran stops…and the sound of the engine gives way. It appears the passengers are now stranded. Fear begins to set in with some individuals…. as the group of boaters wonder how they will ever get to the other side. What would you do?

  • Swim across
  • Look for a lifeboat or raft
  • Radio for help
  • Panic and sink

Consider your circumstance and weigh your options quickly! Make the best possible decision to save yourself and those you love.

There are many times in life that may resemble the scenario described above. What do you do when life happens? Do you persevere and push through, or give way to fear? Make a conscience decision today to stay the course. If you prepare now, when the storms of life come, you’ll be better equipped to handle them. There is great reward in preparation. While there may be several options to get you across the water, it’s the one that you chose, that will determine the outcome. Select wisely and don’t bend. Be confident and courageous. There is hope… Be determined to “will” yourself to the other side.


Atlantic Ocean

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