By Candace Boggan

Archive for August 6, 2013

Reaching New Heights….

Skylar stands atop a hill, gazing over the ocean. She notices that the vessels floating below appear as minor objects from on high. She captures shot after shot as the sweat pours down her temples from the heat. She is amazed as she takes in the scenery from this angle. The savvy traveler gasps in a state of awe, then smiles and  takes a seat. Skylar thinks…”they don’t call this place Shirley Heights for no reason.” She is elated over the view and grateful for the opportunity to uncover such remarkable beauty. Her focus shifts to various aspects of the scene not witnessed from ground level.  As a result, her outlook is expanded!

How often do we see our circumstances from a bird’s eye view? It can be difficult to elevate our thinking in times of turmoil and uncertainty. It is wise to take a step back, pray for discernment and seek the Most High for clarity. Our vision below can be limited so we typically miss out on the full picture. However, an aerial view can provide a completely different outlook. It forces you to look beyond what you’re able to “see” in your immediate surroundings. Your reality may be quite the opposite from what you perceive. It requires faith and perseverance. In order to reach new heights, a panorama perspective is needed!


Shirley Heights in Antigua