By Candace Boggan

Archive for August 9, 2013

Work While You Wait

Mary is in between work assignments at present. As a result, she decides to sleep until noon most days and scout out new opportunities twice a week. She doesn’t attend any professional functions and is uninterested in taking additional coursework. Though she’s received social invitations in Oakland, she refuses to cross the bridge. On the other side, Martha is also between contracts. However, unlike Mary, she is up at 6am each day, has set a goal to attend four networking events a week, is finishing up a new certification and is also reviewing her French workbooks. Martha eagerly drives to San Francisco in hopes of connecting with other business professionals too. Which candidate is in better position to answer the call when it comes? Why of course…. Martha is. She is working while she waits.

Often times in life… the word “wait” is meant to be an action word. Think of it as synonymous to running or walking. As you await your next season, be sure to prepare yourself. This is not a time to rest until you receive a new set of marching orders. Get some additional training, take up a new language or enroll in a course. The waiting period can be lengthy or brief. It depends. In either case, you want to ensure that you are ready when your next opportunity knocks at your door. Do not mistake waiting for resting. It is a time that requires great diligence and extreme discipline. It’s the only way to successfully get across the bridge to the other side.

Remember to work while you wait!

ImageSan Francisco, CA