By Candace Boggan

Archive for August 16, 2013

Leave Your Mark On This World

Carla found herself drifting for many years. She went from one assignment to the next, often wondering if and how she would everĀ leave her mark on this world. She was blessed with a wide range of gifts and talents, but was unsuccessful in determining her true passion. She searched and searched…only to return void. As she began to look back over her life through her journals, she discovered a path. Along that path she noticed a series of dots that connected, leading her to this point. What she uncovered wowed her in the most amazing way. Purpose she she relished in the aha moment. She realized that her true life’s mission lay within her all along. She shook her head in disbelief and picked up her pen. How could something so simple have hidden itself for so long? She smiled as she began to write… realizing that this was one way God would use her to impact this globe.

Have you ever pondered your life’s purpose? Like Carla, many people do. We entangle ourselves in trying to mirror the images and titles that the world desires for us, only to be left empty and often times without joy. In order to leave your mark on this world, you must determine where your true passions lie. Perhaps you are most fulfilled when you paint and/or cook. If that is the case, then find a way to incorporate these areas into your life as a profession, or faithful hobby. Life is a journey, compiled of a series of events. You are most capable of reaching your full potential when you take pleasure in what you do. The opportunity to experience the alignment of passion and purpose is in store for you. What will you choose?

We, the world… await you. We want to benefit from all that you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to leave your imprint across this globe!ImageMiami, FL