By Candace Boggan

Archive for August 19, 2013

Once The Smoke Clears


El Yunque Rainforest Puerto Rico

There are times when life can appear overwhelming and full of turmoil. It’s as if a constant fire blazes night and day, with no end in sight. Though you may weather the storm, equipped with fireproof gear and all, what happens once the smoke clears?

There is always the possibility that after years of dousing fires, you can become fatigued ……So how do you keep yourself engaged to fulfill the ultimate plan for your life? Work to better yourself, mentor others and give of your time, talents and resources to pull you through. Though the fire shines brightly, you are not required to succumb to it’s heat. Yes, you may exit with tattered gear and singed boots, but when it finally burns out, the remnant of the fire doesn’t have to stay with you. Though the battle may have lasted longer than expected, you can be thankful that the flames weren’t able to engulf you. Once the smoke clears, you can remove your protective gear, dust off and begin anew.

Smile, it only lasts for a season. Your impact will far outlast the flame!!!