By Candace Boggan

Archive for August 26, 2013

Adventure Junkie

The pursuit of a professional goal can be quite similar to that of what an adventure junkie endures. There are risks, failures, wins and rewards involved! At times, both thrive off of adrenaline and desire the fulfillment of a high paying end result. It often requires the removal of boundaries and comfort zones to succeed. The journeys for each are grueling, and oft filled with setbacks before obtaining the prize. They must train and condition themselves both mentally and physically to stay the course. There are moments of supreme comfort, and periods of extreme deficit before reaching the peak. Ah, but the moment of victory…brings amazement far above what was ever dreamed.

Are you willing to accept the challenge to achieve your goals? Don’t be afraid of failing, falling or losing steam. Capture the image of fulfillment in mind, and cling on to it as you chase after your destiny. The joy of fulfillment awaits you!