By Candace Boggan

Archive for August 30, 2013

Want Green Grass Also?

Emily gazes across the fence at Bella’s lawn. She sighs as she wonders,  “how did she ever get her grass to look like that? I water my yard too…. this isn’t fair!” Little does Emily know, but while she is sound asleep, Bella awakes at 5:30am 3 times a week to water and treat her grass. She also has a professional lawn care service assist with the upkeep monthly. Although Emily is frustrated with her situation, she does little to improve matters. She rarely waters her grass, never removes the weeds, and refuses to pay for regular maintenance.

Does this sound at all familiar? How often have we gazed across the professional fence, inquiring about our neighbor’s green lawn? It is quite easy to make assumptions when there is a lack of information. Perhaps like Bella, other professionals have done their part; trained, sacrificed and taken the time to develop themselves to get where they are. Their grass doesn’t always speak of the late nights, early mornings, failed business ventures, times of limited resources or depleted strength. What you see, may indeed be the result of a tireless effort, and years of undying perseverance.

Instead of becoming envious, congratulate your colleagues and support their efforts. You have no idea what it might have cost them to get that grass so green! If a lush lawn is what you desire, seek God for next steps, then make the necessary adjustments so that you too, can gaze across a plush yard!