By Candace Boggan

Archive for September 16, 2013

Light Is Just Up Ahead

Jenna has been given an assignment to complete. As she walks the path, she notices that the light appears to get brighter and brighter as the road continues uphill. She smiles as she thinks back to all the rough terrain she’s already covered. She feels strength enter her body again. Her back straightens up, and she takes a few additional steps. Jenna knows that destiny is just around the corner. She remembers all the times she wanted to give in, or up, but decided not to. Can it be that payoff is just up ahead? Jenna continues on with great expectation.

If you are in pursuit of a dream, don’t allow fatigue to overtake you. Find new ways to re-energize, so that you can secure the prize that awaits you. It is impossible for the journey to be pleasant at each turn. You will need reinforcement. Surround yourself with other like- minded individuals, and work diligently to keep a positive attitude. Continue on, light is just up ahead!