By Candace Boggan

Archive for September 23, 2013

The Bridge To Your Future

Bridges connect one side of a particular place to another. They come in many forms, ranging from wood, to stone, to metal. They provide a path for pedestrians, cars and bikes alike, and even vary in size and color. In a different realm, bridges also serve as a means to reach our goals.

Ask yourself what the bridge to your future looks like?

Have you planned, groomed yourself and laid the foundation to get there? If not, act today. Consider your next step and prepare to take stride! God has created you with a specific purpose in mind. He desires to help you reach your future goals. Allow Him to guide you, so that you can begin the process towards your destiny today. The bridge to your future has your name written all over it. Will you take the first step?


Curacao, Netherlands Antilles