By Candace Boggan

Don’t Let the Rain Spoil Your Parade

“The show must go on” exclaims Dallas, as the team of participants stand dripping wet in the rain. The performers feel disappointed, heartbroken and upset. Of all days, why today did it have to rain, Cammie thinks. The big performance is just minutes away. Hours have gone into preparation over the past few months. Soaked bystanders line the streets of the park awaiting the performance with raincoats and umbrellas in hand. Dallas notices that his team’s emotions match that of the weather, so he tries to comfort them. “Life is full of unexpected surprises, but you can’t allow the rain to spoil your parade.” He reminds the team of the countless hours that have been dedicated towards this show, and ensures them that a few raindrops won’t hinder what’s taken months to accomplish.

There is wisdom in this scenario that can be applied to life in general. How often do we plan for stellar conditions, only to be met with challenge after challenge? It’s the story of life. We have two choices in the matter; we can 1. succumb to the conditions and fold, or 2. learn to dance in the rain. Since we lack control in many of the situations that are presented to us, we have an opportunity to view the setbacks in a different light. How do we do this you ask? We must consider the positives that result due to rain. Rainwater causes growth, leads to rainbows that grace the sky, and is the major supplier for most fresh bodies of water on the planet. Our challenge…. is to view the bouts of rain brought on in life, in a luminous manner as well. What could the rain be potentially trying to teach us? We may gain a clearer perspective if we view more positively. Perhaps it has actually come to help and not distract us. It may provide just the growth that is needed for a future phase in life.

Next time the sky opens up consider grabbing your poncho and boots, and bask in the rain. Allow the drops to splash upon your face and refresh you! There is no need to let the raindrops spoil your parade!


Orlando, FL Disney World

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