By Candace Boggan

You Win Some and You Learn From Others

Sharon sits quietly in deep thought as the conversation with Gregory replays in her mind. “I guess you win some, and lose some.” She contemplated over those words and the level of truth behind them. The passionate pursuer realized for the first time that she now has a different outlook on this statement. What caused this sudden change she pondered? The journey-seeker considered her past, and all that has brought her to this point. Sharon asked herself “are they really losses if the non-wins are not part of the ultimate plan for my life? Couldn’t I now consider these experiences lessons, as opposed to losses? Certainly they helped to shape me into the person I am today, but I can’t honestly say I’m missing something in absence of them.”

If we look at the past as a lesson, it releases the weight and pressure that often accompanies the disappointing experience. They can now become tools to build upon, and no longer represent doors of despair. For example, that position you once wanted so desperately…. it wasn’t for you. Therefore, it’s not a loss after all. Had it been attached to your future, the door would’ve been open to you. Why not consider the situation preparation. It enabled you to practice your interviewing skills, tailor your resume for the position sought, and it enhanced your research abilities in the process. When you think about it, how could any of this be viewed as a loss? It simply requires a fresh perspective, and soon you’ll be able to say, “you win some and you learn from others.” There are no true losses if the particular situation in question was never meant for you.

The non-wins make the victories that much sweeter. Be encouraged, the future has plenty of “wins” in store for you…and a few more lessons too!!! In the mean time, celebrate and be grateful for the achievements attained.


Atlanta, GA

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