By Candace Boggan

There Is Purpose In Every Season

Despite your current circumstances, there is purpose in every season. Whether you’re an Empty Nester, or starting a second career for what feels like the third  time (I can so relate,) each leg of your journey has value. While not always easy to do, take the time to embrace where you are. There are various stages in the life cycle, and each segment plays an integral role in your development. Spend time listening, look for clues and record them as you go along. This will enable you to detect a pattern that could be forming, leading you to someone, something, or somewhere. Don’t allow the thief of your thoughts to tell you that you are merely just wasting your time. This is simply not true. Perhaps you are being called to a period of preparation for what’s to come. Keep your eyes wide open and your senses attuned. You could very well be on the brink of that something new! Make your days and weeks count. We are only afforded a certain number of them in this lifetime. Find ways to be productive so that no opportunity is missed. Look for the purpose where you are, and make the most of it. There is hidden beauty within each season, but in order to fully experience it, you must be open to see it!


The Beautiful Midwest

Ohio, USA

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