By Candace Boggan

The Right Road

Dexter and family cruise down the street. It’s a super humid day, and sweat is pouring down his head. He ponders as he drives, trying to appear confident about the journey to his wife. “Am I on the right road,” he wonders as he continues on. The traveler prepared for the venture days ahead. He completed research on possible routes, reviewed a map and ensured the vehicle was gassed up. As the family climbed aboard, Dexter felt a nudge within, directing him to use the main road. He complied. The happy trio then pushed back and began their adventure. About 20 mins into the trip, after passing many unfamiliar faces, taking a detour due to an accident, and getting a call from a friend, uncertainty began to creep in. Although the family appears to be on the right track, at least according to the map, the driver becomes concerned, and wonders if he heard correctly the direction from the voice within.

How often do we begin a new journey, only to question our progress partial way through? We get sidetracked, detoured, discuss setbacks with other individuals, and confusion seeps in.  We second guess ourselves, despite having prepared extensively for the trip. What happens? Often the unfamiliar territory and circumstances frighten us. The path doesn’t appear as we expected and we feel lost. So how do we ensure we’re still on the right road? With so many variables and unknowns, we must seek out answers from the source. The Creator can and will direct our path. When in doubt, or in need of next steps, seek Him for assistance. He will guide and point us in the right direction. Listen for that still voice, despite what it looks like. Leaps of faith require closed eyes in most cases. Trust the direction given, and go in faith!


Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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