By Candace Boggan

Write Your Plans In Pencil

The writer ponders over the last 6 years. It was on this very date in 2007 that she embarked upon a new journey, unsure of what the future days would hold. She glanced back in time to that very moment on the airplane. She remembers the mix of emotions she experienced as she looked out the window, leaving her old life…. behind. She felt confused, upset, weary and mostly baffled by the fact that she was leaving her home of 13 years for the unknown. Atlanta had been good to her…well mostly. She developed strong relationships, many built on a solid foundation, endured many highs and lows personally and professionally, and most importantly she learned many valuable life long lessons during her time there. Never, did she ever think that she’d leave a place she loved, and for over a decade called, “home.” BUT, God had a different set of plans for her. One that did not include a final destination in her college, turned adult abode. She wondered, “what will happen now? What will I do next?” How would she bounce back from enormous loss and where would she now call home? She wondered, but knew that all would pan out….somehow. She needed time to just rest and regroup before making her next move, so she returned to her starting point…her native land. Here, she knew she would find some of the answers she so desperately longed for. It was during this season that she discovered its best to write your plans in pencil….and give God the eraser.

Candee, as many refer to her, had always been a visionary. She always thought ahead and had in essence written the end of her story, or at least how she imagined it. Can would capture pictures in her mind, then act on them, in an effort to help them materialize. She thought that was the responsible thing to do …wasn’t it? Well…yes, AND no. Now 6 years later she has learned that we are expected to prepare, true indeed, and also to write our plans on paper…. but most importantly we must look to the Most High for instruction. Candee learned that she doesn’t have all the details, nor can she see what’s around the corner. Thus, it’s imperative for her to seek out the advice of the Creator for the next set of steps in His ultimate plan. Her last 6 years have been filled with much transition, including relocation, graduate school, adjustments in her career, wins and losses. All of it…part of a greater plan to bring her to this point today. So what’s next for her you ask? Whatever God has on the agenda. What that looks like, only He knows. Her job…. to walk in it, and follow the leading of that still small voice. With Him as her guide, she knows that she cannot possibly fail! She shall see her dreams come to pass.

The writer can now take a sigh of relief, and rest in the outcome. It’s no longer her responsibility to finish the book. She cheerfully turns the page to the next chapter as she writes, with a smile on her face.  Her advice….stay tuned because she’s just getting started! This walk is to be continued…


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