By Candace Boggan

The Drawbridges of Life

Stella wonders, “what is one to do while awaiting the drawbridge of life to lower???” She had big plans to cap off the final quarter of 2013. It’s now 2014- She scheduled, researched and fully prepared to be settled in the destination assigned by the close of the previous year. However, things did not pan out as expected. That led her to review her prior steps leading up to that point. She asked herself if she’d “missed something?” To her surprise, she hadn’t overlooked a single detail, yet found herself in a place she never expected to be…at least not for an extended period. Stella thought, “what now? I didn’t properly plan for this.” Then she read the word “wait,” as if spoken loudly to her soul, so it clicked. She realized it wasn’t time yet. So the dreamer decided to stay focused, remain in preparation mode, and look ahead.

Delays happen often. There are times when our flights are pushed back, concerts get postponed, and items purchased online end up on back order. There’s nothing uncommon about any of this at all. However, when the delays interfere with our well-constructed blueprint for our lives, this tends to present a different set of problems. If you’re a planner by nature, unexpected drawbridges in the road, can become a real hassle. You’ll find that your patience is tested to the very core, and you’ll also discover how little power you actually hold. So what’s the remedy you ask? Great question. Put your gear in park, but keep your foot on the pedal. That means you must remain in preparation mode, ready to shift gears at any given moment. No, this isn’t a time for a cigarette break, so remain in the vehicle. The drawbridge won’t remain raised forever…. It has to come down at some point. You don’t want to risk getting sidetracked by the interruption and lose focus of the mission at hand. It’s very important that you keep a forward thinking mindset that’s eager to press the gas when told to move ahead. Once that road opens up, be in position to go forward. Drawbridges are only delays, not lodging points so don’t get comfortable!

West Palm Beach, Florida

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