By Candace Boggan

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The Will To Finish The Race…

Any distance runner would agree that the most difficult leg of the race is the final lap. Fatigue sets in, legs begin to tremble, and mental stamina tries to play a horrible trick on you. Your body cries out…”I quit, just let me collapse right here on the track,” but you know you can’t, because you’ve come too far to throw the towel in now. Your mouth starts to dry out as if there’s a drought on saliva in all the land. Your head throbs, your eyes become weak from the light and your heart races as if under attack…. And then something happens all of a sudden. You see your loved ones standing on the sideline. They have signs with your name on them. You hear their cheers and shouts of encouragement…and feel their support.. so you keep going, despite how you feel.Not before long, you start to run a little faster again. Your legs, that once felt like concrete blocks, now feel weightless. Your eyes open a little wider, and you can see clearly how close you really are. Your heart changes back from mere moments of caving in, to a rush of adrenaline that wills you ahead. Someone runs over to douse your face and mouth with water and you feel your lips again. You smile and quickly swallow the drops of liquid that roll down the back of your tongue. Before you know it, you’re moving again at the speed of light. The ribbon is just ahead. You can see it. You can feel the joy of victory around the bend. Your arms move like eagle’s wings to push you through. You arrive…you made it! Your heart is filled with gratitude. You receive your trophy and look back towards the crowd. In all the excitement and accolades being given to you…you know that you couldn’t have possibly won the race without the cheering section…the group that included those who believed in you. They’re the “true victors you think. They actually willed me through.” 

Self accomplished you ask???..No, never. God put those people in the crowd to be there for you.Thank HIM,and do all you can to make them proud!


Picture taken at a track in a suburb of Cleveland, OH

The Next Chapter

It’s been awhile since the visionary reflected on screen. She sighs over the events of the past several weeks, then smiles as she thinks intently… over her upcoming move. The pieces are now falling into place, and she is ready to begin the next leg in her journey. With her magazine on the table, camera in tow, and computer in hand, she envisions being out on the open sea. She is a water enthusiast because it calms her, and brings about a quiet peace to her soul. She imagines her airplane ride above the cobalt, turquoise and navy colored ocean. She dreams… as she waits with great anticipation, for she knows that the time is finally upon her. It’s time to walk into her destiny, and do exactly what she was created to do. She is purpose driven and dedicated. Stay tuned because she certainly has more to come…soon!


Atlanta, GA