By Candace Boggan

Archive for April 9, 2014

Life Just Flows Better….

We can all attest that when involved in certain activities…”things” just flow better. Ask the ballet dancer who feels free and at ease during the height of her performance on stage….or the all-star basketball player as he goes in for a high flying dunk. They’ll both tell you, it just feels good. The rest of us are no different. We were wired that way for a reason. When God handed out gifts, He made sure to mix them up, so there was something(s) available for each of us. For some, like me, it takes a bit longer to determine just what they are… but when we discover them, a veil is removed. We begin to relate to that feeling that others have spoken of, and it frees us. The funny part is, oftentimes the treasures were there all along, just hidden, and we didn’t realize it. In many cases, it takes certain experiences to happen, in order for them to be revealed.

That feeling I describe above- I feel it when I’m immersed in other cultures, or surveying new land, or surrounded by breathtaking scenery. I get excited over sunrises, melt at the sight of sunsets and gasp at the ocean and mountains. It invigorates me and inspires me to be my most creative. It’s how I was fashioned.  I see God’s hand in the majestic backdrops, and it causes this euphoric feeling within me… and I just want to share it with everyone. I want others to feel what I felt at that very moment so I take a picture. I feel the same way when I begin to write. I use vivid descriptions to bring readers into my realm. Words just flow and they take on a life of their own. I’m able to select words that portray what’s in my head, and it just feels right. Certain activities, people and places just feel right also, and it’s an indescribable emotion when this occurs.  For me- I’m amazed that something so wonderful unveiled itself out of something so painful. I began journaling shortly after my father passed in 2001. I have stacks of journals where I’ve recorded my thoughts, emotions and pains throughout the years. I also spent an extended period of time in a challenging relationship, and that added to those pages over time as well. Prior to, I hadn’t written anything much since the days of my youth. I found myself again penning intense words with deep emotion and it released me each time in doing so. It was just last year that I was praying about my purpose and looked down at my hands and realized that part of my purpose lay within them. It was not long after that, that I came across my Young Author’s Award from junior high for a book I’d written in the 8th grade. I’d received accolades for the project and was reminded that I’d been a visionary for as long as I could recall. Somehow I’d managed to bury a portion of my innovation amidst the woes of my journey. “How could this be I thought?” Life…. that’s how- it’s full of twists and turns, and many of them take us in difficult directions. Disappointments and delays cause us confusion and muddle our path. It’s part of the process though, so not to worry.  They’re all part of the master plan, and we eventually circle back around and get on track.

So now that I realize “some” of who I am, I’m perfectly comfortable saying that I feel most free when I’m in my element. Life just flows better…for me. We’re most successful when fulfilling our calling. It enables us to function in the capacity for which we were created. God is most glorified when we do what we were indeed brought here to do. For me… my heart lights up, my soul smiles and a peace that surpasses all understanding comes over me when I function in these areas. I’m in the zone when I travel, write and capture stunning snapshots- of awe inspiring images. I love experiencing new cultures, learning about their history, and partaking in their daily routine. It’s who I am, and after so many years of inquiring, I’m just simply grateful to finally walk in it. Of course there are other skills and abilities I’m gifted to function in, but none move me in the same manner as these. 

So who were you created to be…and are you operating in that gift today? If not, what can you do to start? It’s a large part of why you came to be. Ask God to guide your steps this day. That’s what I did after years of countless, less than enjoyable careers and experiences. It may not be easy to pursue your journey, and it may not even flow in the timing, or the capacity which you imagine, but you can rest assure that, it’ll still be so worth it! When we’re in our element…life just flows better...


Clearwater, FL