By Candace Boggan

Archive for July 2, 2014

The 7th Month…

July has previously proved to be a “transition” month for me. When I think back to many of my life’s major events, a good number of them have taken place in the 7th month. The list includes, moving into and out of locations, relocation within the same city, as well as between states, and additionally, switching into new roles and/or jobs and offices too. July is also the month I purchased my first home almost ten years ago, and the month in which I met my first love, some almost twenty years ago. For the record, I want to make mention that I have no remaining ties to either of the latter two (~the house, nor the guy!) Long story…Moving on! So, what’s the significance of the number 7, I thought…for me?…?.?

Throughout history, this number has always had spiritual significance. For starters, God created the Heavens and the earth in 7 days. Thus, the number 7 is said to represent completion and perfection, both in the spiritual and physical sense. Knowing this, I was prompted to further inquire as to what level of perfection and completion transpires during this particular month for me? After reflecting on the above mentioned, I can safely say, July has most assuredly served as a pivotal season in the “redirecting” of various areas of my life. This inevitably represents a “completion” point of assignments and/or chapters. Then comes the question of the perfection piece. How has the Creator worked through the a fore mentioned events to bring about a perfect work relating to me? I pondered further on this thought, and was reminded of the lessons learned in each of these specific situations. I considered the wisdom that was produced as a bi-product of the events. I gained useful knowledge about the importance of timing, obedience and order, as well as the consequences that accompany my disregard for them. Either way, I know that July is a critical month. Thus, I welcome it with eyes wide open for the positive “transitions” to come!

Think about your own life? What major events have taken place during the mid summer season, and what have you learned from them? July has arrived again…take note!