By Candace Boggan

Launching Out Into The Deep….

There comes a time in life when we are called to abandon the shallow waters, and launch out into the deep. It’s not something we usually do on our own, but in order to mature, it’s required.

Why is it that we typically hold onto the area of the surface most closest to the shoreline of life? Let’s take a look at this.

A. By definition, Merriam- Webster defines shallow as, “a small distance to the bottom from the surface or highest point, or not going inward from the outside or the front edge of something.”

When I think shallow, I think safe.Who doesn’t want to feel safe? It just, sounds better, and provides us some ounce of control, or so we think. On the flip side, let’s further examine the word, deep.

B. Per Merriam- Webster, it means “having a large distance to the bottom from the surface or highest point. It also describes the word as meaning, going far inward from the outside, or from the front edge of something.”

In contrast to shallow, I think that we’d all agree there is more risk involved as you move out, farther away from the surface. We lose our footing, and are forced to exist within the waves of the sea because there is nothing to stand on. The idea can make us very nervous, especially if we’re not prepared to venture 5 miles out, leaving the shoreline behind. Like swimmers, who are in most cases taught the basics of the activity in the shallow, less riskier section of the pool, we too, must learn some basics before taking on life’s most active oceans. Once they’ve mastered certain components of the process, they (swimmers) are introduced to the deeper section of the pool, with more ease. Of course, we all know the people who share stories of being pushed into the 6ft. deep end, and being forced to swim. However, in most cases, there’s a gradual process. Life is similar to this. We start out in the shallow section, and once we master certain aspects, we’re launched out into the deeper things of life. We cannot remain babes, and expect to grow hanging around the surface of the shore.

The question is, how much time are we spending wading in the shallow parts out of fear? At some point, the waves are going to raise up, and the current is going to carry us out to sea. I know, it’s rather frightening at times, but if we insist on staying where we are, safe at the shore line, we’ll never get to experience the “greater,”  that God has in store for our life.  Ask any deep sea fisherman where they catch the “best” fish. I’m sure they all have grand stories of how they made the catch of a lifetime, far away from the shallow waters, and out amidst the deep! It takes courage, work, patience and persistence, but just remember….the catch out yonder, will be so worth it.

Let’s put fear aside, and launch out into the deep together~


Gulf of Mexico

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