By Candace Boggan

Archive for September 5, 2014

Construction Zone…

As I traveled via car roughly a little over a week ago, I was astounded by the number of construction zones I drove through. City after city, and state after state, I endured delays, crept past orange cones, and glanced at men working alongside in hardhats and neon colored vests. In most cases, they were paving one side of the highway, or making some sort of repair to the barrier wall. Mile after mile, I began to think…

My life resembles a bit of a construction zone. Although, I’m not behind the wheel of a steamroller, or strolling past drivers in a sturdy plastic cap, I am plowing through life issues, as the Creator works to pave them one by one, as they surface. Additionally, I have to work hard to guard my heart and thoughts, lest I find myself utterly and completely overwhelmed trying to make sense of the things, too grand for my finite mind to comprehend. My personal mission has proved to be full of detours, delays and uneven pavement; a journey, thus far filled with suitcases, car trips, flights, and forgotten or misplaced items at every turn. Though challenging at times, I tell myself, it’s not really as bad as it seems…well sometimes LOL!!! And yet, I endure. However, I must secretly admit that I long to view the season of displacement in the rear view window of life. I’ve had enough of it’s angry winds blowing fiercely over me, from both the driver and passenger side windows, as I ride. BUT, it’s during those weary moments, that I am reminded of one thing- like the construction zones I often drive past, though it’s true that life can appear dirty, under what feels like constant repair, and always in need of some work, once the project is completed, it tells of a different story. It just looks messy for awhile, but will eventually represent something new- a highway with freshly paved roads and vibrant, brightly painted lines, equipped for smooth sailing for all who trek across its path. Isn’t life sorta like that? It’s a zone, and we’re all under construction at some point or another. Take heart, there will be paved roads around the bend. They’re not all rocky. Don’t lose hope during the delays, and get off at the wrong exit. The construction zone may be within a few short miles of it’s end~


Somewhere in Kentucky or Tennessee..I forget!