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The Gift of Life…

As I sit upon the sofa typing away from a friend’s place in Atlanta, I am reminded of all there is to be thankful for. Today is my birthday. Yes, today is my actual birthday. I state this a second time because the actual date is probably a mystery to many, as I always celebrate the entire month. The reason I choose to honor everyday in September, is because I realize that life is a gift. It is meant to be lived and cherished at every turn. I acknowledge that somebody, somewhere in this great, big world, who shared my very same birth date -9/15, didn’t wake up this morning… and because I did, for this, I must be extremely grateful. We live in perilous times, where there is great uncertainty. Each day should cause us to think a little more deeply than the last. Of course my 30 days of celebration include travel, dinners, fellowship, food, fun and adventure, but it’s actually the behind the scenes happenings that mean the most to me. While I thoroughly enjoy spending time with those I love, it’s the intimate moments that make life worth living.

The true gift for me is when I’m able to share. What’s better than being able to smile, or give a word of encouragement to a cashier in the store, or how could I compare the joy of being able to leave an inspirational pamphlet or track for housekeeping at a hotel, or even the happiness of being able to do something nice for a friend just to see a smile upon their face. Of course, it’s my birthday month, and yes, I always find new ways to enjoy it…but what’s more important, is that I get to share a little of myself with each person that I come in contact with. I also get to learn new things from them with each new encounter. It’s not just about receiving, it’s also about giving back too. It’s about leaving a mark on this planet. It’s not all fun and games, despite how it may appear on the surface. There is a deeper meaning and purpose in all that I do. So as I sit here typing, listening to the vibration of my phone, as the text messages roll in, taking the phone calls and even replying to the Happy Birthday posts and emails that are coming in from across the globe, I am simply thankful and blessed to be amongst the land of the living, to see another day. …Because I woke up, I have another opportunity, to make a difference. I know all too well that life is filled with difficult days, so I take real pleasure basking in the joys of the good ones. This leads me to a few questions for you to ponder below:

What’s God called you to do? How can you leave your mark on this planet? What’s stopping you? And lastly…what are you waiting for?

Go be great! We’re all cheering you on~

From the Birthday Girl herself…who’s spending the day working…and relaxing!

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One of my favorite birthday gifts this year~

Atlanta, GA