By Candace Boggan

Death Brings Growth…

As a follow up to my last post titled, Harvest Time- I want to delve further into the topic of “harvest” season. As the leaves continue to change colors, and they fall from the trees, I can’t help but think of death…and growth! You might find it odd that I use these two terms in the same sentence, but in reality, it’s a very true concept.

As the season has shifted, so has creation. Look around. Depending upon what part of the country or world you’re in, what you see may vary. I’m writing today from the mid-west of the USA, so it’s very much Autumn season here. I must admit more so than normal, considering when I’m in Florida, I’m surrounded by glimpses of summer throughout the entire year there. Last post we discussed, “reaping a ripened crop” during harvest time. While this is most certainly the case, what really happens during the process? AND…what has to transpire in order for us to get a mature crop? The summer greenery turns to a rainbow of Fall colors, then eventually descends to the ground, as part of preparation for the winter months. It’s a natural law in nature. Without Harvest, there is no Spring. Death must take its rightful place, in order for new things to come. Life is also like this. In order to enter new realms, certain aspects must stay behind; people, places, behaviors, habits… you name it. What was a part of last season, may not be allowed to go into your next season. Even animals shed old skin/fur. It’s part of natural progression. Thus, don’t be afraid of loss. We outgrow the “old,” and ready ourselves for the “new.” I’ll admit, this troubled me for a great while. I’ve often struggled with letting go of people, places and things…BUT, I’m learning to accept the process as it comes. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, if I’m forced to grow in certain areas, while what’s around me remains the same, there’s going to be a conflict. God created it to work this way. So…I decided to let nature take it’s perfect course. I refuse to fight what naturally has to occur. What I can do though, is allow the death of habits, relationships, places and behaviors to prune and develop me for the better. This ensures the loss is not in vain. What’s meant to stay, will be, and what’s not, won’t. It’s very simple. My advice, learn from it, and grow on~


Harvest Season- Ohio

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