By Candace Boggan

We All Have Something to Offer…

I’m always fascinated by those I meet. Whether inflight, at an event, or through the connection of a mutual friend, I’ve come to learn that everyone has something to offer. I’m always intrigued by the various backgrounds and stories individuals so candidly share- about their struggles, successes, wins and even their losses/lessons. I enjoy hearing them, because they strengthen and encourage me. They also challenge me to do three things; 1. to keep going, 2. to relish in every moment, and to seize every opportunity (including the not so great moments because they too, have value,) and 3. most importantly to share my personal journey with others as well. When we exchange ideas, backgrounds and experiences, we offer something to the other person that they might otherwise have not received. We all have a story to tell. We’ve all endured a number of life events that have helped shape us, and led us to this particular point. Your testimony just might be the difference maker in someone else’s journey. So remember… the next time you engage in a conversation, to listen and share. Why? BECAUSE- we all have something to offer!

I have always believed that “life is a series of events, and that it (life) is meant to be lived.” Live life on purpose and with transformation in mind. Be inspired!


Airplane Chronicles…

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