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Still Away and Be Silent…

There will be times along this journey when we must still away and be silent. We live in a chaotic world, filled with activity of all sorts that vie for our attention- almost every minute of every hour, of every day. In an effort to maintain our sanity, we must find creative ways to refuel.

Take a mini trip, have a spa/golf/park day, or spend a quiet afternoon at the beach. You can even consider spending the night at an area hotel, if you’re not located near a beach- and enjoy an evening swim. Whatever you do, make “refreshing” a priority. This is especially important for those in pursuit of a big dream or goal. It’s going to take everything in you at times to keep on the path, so you must be purposeful in the maintenance of your energy. Additionally, you’ll want to get adequate rest as much as you can, incorporate more plant based foods into your diet, and be sure to exercise.

I am also learning that silence is golden. Shhh… be quiet at times. Talk less on the phone about meaningless topics, and spend more time honing your craft, in pursuit of areas that will bring you closer to your goals, and not farther away. Also, solitude is a positive, not a negative when the time is used wisely. There are 24 hrs given to each of us everyday. The primary reason why some people get twice as much done as others, is because they are strategic in their daily dealings. I’ve also found that these individuals don’t spend an excessive amount of time on frivolous activities. They speak only when necessary, are cautious in their decision making (though taking business risks when needed,) and value work/life balance. Perhaps it’s time we include some of their practices into our regular routine. Ask yourself, is it time to still away and be silent?

Want to know just how important rest is? Read Genesis 2:2-3~

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Let Nothing Stop You…

When you hear the words persevere, prevail and press, what ideas or images come to mind? If you’re anything like me, you may have envisioned a person with 50 pound weights upon their back, climbing an enormously steep hill in the snow, or maybe you pictured an individual bursting through a double layered, super thick, brick wall with his bare hands!?!? Either way, forgive me for my incredibly vivid imagination! However, you do get my point. I’m sure we’d all agree that the aforementioned characterizations, would best describe persons who are determined, insistent and relentless in their pursuit, to say the least. Now that we’ve established the concept, lets move on and talk about how this relates to all of us.

When a person sets out to accomplish a task, there will almost always be challenges that arise. The question is, “How do you handle them?” If you’ve purposed in your heart that you are resolved to see the tasks through, then nothing will stop you. Making the decision to conquer the feat before you ever start, is actually the first step. If you haven’t settled this idea in your head and your heart before you begin, then you’ve already missed the mark. Action is only 50% of the process. You have to actually visualize the win. You have to believe that you can and will accomplish it, no matter what. Once you make this decision, nothing will stop you! Things will come and try to take you off course, but they will not prevail. Why?… Because you already claimed the victory.

Deciding that not accomplishing the goal, is not an option = success.

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Sometimes you have to strap on your snow boots, and brave the elements~

All In Preparation…

Every season in life is preparation for the next. Even nature agrees; winter prepares for spring, spring readies for summer, summer anticipates fall, and fall gives birth to winter. There’s a natural order to everything. Consider even the crops – both fruits and vegetables endure a series of stages that lead to natural maturation.

Let’s look at the banana for example- it starts off as a bulb or rhizome, and requires a 9-12 month harvest period, before fully ripening. In the process, a flower appears on the plant around the 6th-7th month. Roughly two months later, bunches are formed, and in this 9th month, are often picked and prepared for shipment. (

The fruit are plucked prematurely, to ensure a timely arrival to our local farmers markets and grocery stores. If you’ve ever tried one of these fresh off the truck, unripened bananas, then you know there is definitely a difference in taste. This is why most individuals allow the potassium packed produce to “hangout,” and fully ripen before use. Like anything, they’re better once they reach their fully ripened stage. My experience has proven that the more speckled the banana, the sweeter the taste.

Our walk is one in the same. If we move ahead of schedule, we risk losing some of the sweetness that the journey has to offer. Just as fruit are best when ripe, so are we when fully prepared. There is a season and a time for everything. Of course we can still reap some success, but what all do we really sacrifice in our hastiness? Sure, if I’m famished, I can definitely use a green banana and still create a power shake. However, what key nutrients am I missing out on, as well as taste? Though still created, I’m left feeling like something is missing with each swallow. In life, we can do the same. We can be so set on accomplishing a particular goal, that we make the same mistake. What else could I have contributed, had I waited and stayed the course until I was fully ready? I once heard an author tell the story about how he felt led to “wait” on publishing one of his novels. In his eagerness, he decided to go to press anyway, only to have to go back and republish the book several years later, because of the additional information he acquired on the subject. Had he waited, he could’ve avoided the hassle, and poured his efforts in a different direction. He went on to state, “what an invaluable lesson” it was to him, on the “importance of preparation and timing.” It’s a simple concept, yet a difficult one in times of impatience.

Whatever season you find yourself in today, do not despise it. Instead, embrace it, glean from it what is needed, and prepare for the next. Plowing through can only lead to a “B” effort at best. Focus on being fully prepared so you, like the ripened banana can be sweet to the taste. Be strategic in your thinking, and allow your steps to be ordered for the best results.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: