By Candace Boggan

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Trust The Process…

In a world filled with so many uncertainties, it is not uncommon to question the many decisions that we face each day. However, I have learned that we can work to trust the process.

One way I’m continuing to learn to do this, is by watching the activity of God in my life, and then joining in. When I have a number of choices set before me, I review the events that surround me, and use them as a guide. I look for signs, seek the wisdom and counsel of those I trust, pray, and most importantly watch for the hand of the Almighty in these events. In the previous days, I went back and forth about an upcoming opportunity, in hopes that I was “choosing” (yes, we have free will,) to make the right decision. A series of happenings took place, that led me to move forward on today. Even after doing so, I must admit that I still questioned my reasoning, because I didn’t have ALL the details finalized, and didn’t feel it was the most sensible time for me to do this. It’s always more comfortable for me (and I’m sure many of you,) when I’m able to see the finish line. This doesn’t happen often. I’d say more times not than so. Why? -Because unfortunately, we can only grow so much when we know the perceived outcome. The unknown forces us to relinquish our power, and to trust. It’s faith that requires us to trust the process, even when we’ve only been granted a portion of the plans- with little to no clue how the remaining parts will all work out. I kept telling myself, “If this lines up, then I’m supposed to do it.”  It did! Then I’d say, “okay, now if this happens, it’s really a definite go.” It too, happened. So I asked myself, why am I still questioning the decision, when I see the activity I asked/prayed, hoped, and looked for? Reason- doubt crept in. I asked for something if it was the “right” choice, God moved in the process, and I joined in to actively participate. That should’ve been enough, but I reminded myself that I am still a work in progress so I won’t get it right every time. Shortly after, I received a gracious word through IG, that stated this- “Stop worrying (about) how it’s going to happen, and start trusting that it will!” I smiled and thought, thank you, God.

This situation prompted me to think about artists of all sorts. I considered glass blowers in particular, and envisioned their process. They gather pieces of different glass with the expectation of creating something magnificent. They have no exact idea of what the finished outcome (other than what’s on their sketchpad) will be until it’s done, yet they trust the process emphatically. They can’t pinpoint where each color will settle within the object, but somehow they have faith that it will turn out beautifully. There’s a lesson in this for us all. Seek God and the wisdom of others, watch for the activity around you, join in, and trust that the process will lead to an incredible, finished product!.

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Chihuly – St. Petersburg, FL