By Candace Boggan

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Flowers Can’t Flourish Without Rain…

We’re all familiar with the poem, “April showers bring May flowers.” I thought about these words one day- as I looked at all the beautiful colors around me. I wondered just what was actually required – for flowers to flourish. Of course I was aware of the obvious.. soil, sunlight and water, but I asked myself, “Could flowers ever make it without the rain?” I can’t imagine they could. After doing some research, I was reminded of plants like cactus and aloe, that require less amounts of water to thrive, but even they can’t last forever with zero hydration. As I continued on in my quest, I didn’t actually discover any that could sustain a drought on a permanent basis At the end of the day, I concluded that all living things need water.

Like flowers, it’s impossible for us to fully mature without the rain. Just as our physical bodies require sunshine and water for survival, our very being needs it to flourish one in the same! Consider your own personal journey. Can you honestly say that you’ve learned as much from your mountaintop experiences, as you have from your rain filled valleys? As thrilling as wins are, unfortunately most of our growth takes place along the way- in the midst of the stormy weather. Though torrential downpours are an inconvenient part of life, they some how manage to birth such incredible beauty.

Remember, if every day was sunny, there would be no flowers. If everything went our way every time, we’d never develop. We can take a lesson from creation. Just as flowers can’t flourish without rain,” neither can we.


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