By Candace Boggan

Be Who You Were Created to Be…

We all have a part to play in this life. Some were destined to be great physicians, and others, loving stay-at-home moms to future philanthropists. Regardless the task assigned to you, work hard to accomplish it. Don’t let anyone, or anything deter you from reaching your goal. I’ve come to learn that it’s okay if others don’t agree with, or understand the call that’s been placed upon your life. It’s not their mission, it’s yours. Therefore, it’s not their job to “get it.” However, it is still your responsibility to walk the path that God’s assigned to you, despite any backlash or questioning that you may receive.Don’t fret or be discouraged! Just keep moving. Those who are meant to have a role in your destiny will support you and encourage you to fulfill your call. They will want you to be, “exactly who you were created to be.” They won’t want to change you, or force you to walk a different path.

Remember, God is best glorified through your life, when you work hard to be your best self, and not someone else. The world doesn’t need another replica. It needs you!!!


Florence, Italy

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