By Candace Boggan

On an Island all Alone…

There will be times in life when you will be led to make decisions- that may not make sense to anyone else but you, but you still have to make them. These can be some of the most challenging of days, because you will feel as if you are on an island all by yourself. When this occurs, remain steadfast to the assignment ahead of you. Very often in life, the road less traveled is most certainly not the easy one. As a matter of fact, quite often it’d be much safer to do the exact opposite…the one that everyone else would expect you to do. It makes more sense to them, and sometimes even you, yet it’s not what you’ve been called to do. Though the “easier” path seems simple, and pleases everyone else because it requires less of their energy (at times) and yours, it will ultimately not fulfill you. If you’ve been given a mandate, and feel strongly that you are to accomplish a particular purpose in this life, then you have to continue on courageously in pursuit. It may take all that you have sometimes, and even that will feel like it’s not enough, BUT…you have to press on. Going against the grain is tough. You may find yourself wanting to defend your reasons, your actions and your thoughts to others who simply just don’t understand. Remember, it’s okay because they’re not supposed to. It’s your vision, your purpose, and the path that God has laid for you. If and when He desires for portions of His will to be revealed to specific individuals around you, He will speak a word to them. In the interim, make sure that you have heard clearly from HIM on the matter, and that you are not basing your decisions solely on “your” own will, wants and desires. If God has released a word to you, He will reconfirm it.

Don’t worry about others, and you don’t have to keep trying to defend. Preserve your energy for the real battles because you will need it. Don’t allow others’ limited view of your life to cause you to question what you know you’ve heard God call you to do. When you reach this crosswords- don’t be alarmed. Be comfortable with the fact that you will sometimes have to stand alone. If no one else in the world understands, God does. It is HE who put the desire deep within your heart for a particular assignment, so rest assure that He will get you through.

Though you may feel like you are on an island all alone at times, He is with you, guiding your every step of the way~


Mediterranean Sea

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