By Candace Boggan

Positive Reflections and Wisdom…

I just celebrated another birthday a couple days ago. However, this one was quite different from most of the previous ones. Unlike the three preceding years in particular, where there was so much activity each day, this one involved little to none at all this 9th month. Typically, my September days are filled with endless festivities throughout the entire month, ranging from dining and boating, to rooftop soirees and flights… so this has been completely out of the norm for me. Instead of a month long celebration, my days have been filled with quiet time; 6am prayer and studying, followed by long days, full of assignments to be completed from a plethora of directions. Am I complaining?…”No, not at all.” Although “different” from my usual birthday routine, I realize that change is to be expected as any new journey approaches. I can’t assume that “things” will always be the same each year. Seasons vary, and so does life. However, for me, the down time has proved to be a positive addition this year. I’ve gained some insight, become more disciplined in my studies, and have decompressed, too. Transition and constant movement takes its toll, so I understand just how important rest is these days. Now another year older, I hope to be another year wiser, also. With wisdom comes….change. I mean real constructive heart change, and that’s to be appreciated! Let’s be clear, I’m not stating a complete revamp of my future birth month and days, but I am saying that I welcomed the solitude, prayer and rest these past two weeks. As for the rest of this month, well, that is to be determined. Since I feel anew and so refreshed, a birthing event just might be in order! The world awaits…so stay tuned.

Thanking God for another year!!!


My oh -so- delicious GF and vegan birthday cake!

Thanks to Vegan Sweet Tooth in Woodmere, OH

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