By Candace Boggan

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The Process of Acquiring Patience

Greetings friends! It’s been quite some time since my last post. I thought about it many times over the last month, but for some reason, couldn’t manage to put the necessary words together. Although I primarily write for a living and one would just expect the words to flow for every post, I do experience writer’s block from time to time- and when I get it, I get it. Despite the brain fog, I was forced to push through various work assignments to complete them, but admit that it took me longer than normal to wrap them up. I attribute some of this to the “process of acquiring patience” that I’m enduring.

I’m awaiting God’s timing in several other areas of my life, and I think at times the weight of the “wait,” impacts my creativity. This is why I’ve come to realize the importance of self-care. A wise, spiritual father in the faith, recently stressed this to me. He reminded me that while I “actively” wait on the Lord, to be sure I’m being good to myself; resting, rejuvenating and keeping refreshed.

The Process of Acquiring Patience can be a trying one- especially for patience-challenged persons like myself. When you’re programmed to do and then expect results…immediately, or at least somewhat shortly thereafter, being patient can be an absolutely grueling and difficult feat to accomplish. The process is gritty, painful, lonely and often longer than most of us would like. It requires us to stretch, to step outside of comfort zones, to trust God at greater levels, despite having as much info as we would like, and to also press into Him like never before. Though not the prettiest of processes, I liken it to that which caterpillars must undergo. Thus, if we use this metamorphosis as a parallel for what’s to come, then we can confidently rejoice over our upcoming finished product, in the (hopefully near) future- like that of the beautiful butterflies!!! We must stay the course, because we’ll be taking flight in 5-4-3-2-1!


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