By Candace Boggan


This is an encouragement blog designed to help you win the race….of life. Also included are a variety of photos from my many travels over the years. Please check it out and feel free to provide your insight!  This blog is created to help you personally, professionally and spiritually. Take the first step to reach your destiny. It’s time to get in the game and fulfill your life’s mission by Connecting Passion and Purpose!!!

My life scripture is Psalm 27:1. add another page.

This blog allows me to connect my passions together; My love for God, travel, creating content, career coaching and business consulting. I enjoy exploring new places, helping professionals uncover their life’s mission and helping new and seasoned businesses grow. Once aligned, we are all able to successfully fulfill our calling. When you enjoy what you do, it isn’t work at all! I am also a contributing writer for Global Living Magazine, and A Luxury Travel Blog. Please consider picking up a copy of the upcoming issue before your next travel adventure.  I hope you enjoy this blog! May it encourage you and put a smile on your beautiful face!

Follow me on twitter at bogganc, and on instagram at candacetravels. You can also review my writing bio at

For Advertising info in Global Living Magazine, please contact me. Visit my profile at! Thank you!!!

Have a purpose filled day!

Remember…that no matter what happens today, God loves you with an everlasting love!

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